Statistica Data Mining Resources

STATISTICA (Data Miner/Text Miner) has been gaining popularity among data miner/analyst around the globe these days. A report from the Rexer’s Annual Data Miner Survey in 2010 stated that STATISTICA Data Miner along with IBM SPSS Modeler and R received the strongest satisfaction ratings as a data mining tool in both 2010 and 2009; moreover, it was rated as the primary data mining tool chosen most often (18%). STATISTICA is a statistics and analytics software package developed by StatSoft. The software includes an array of data analysis, data management, data visualization, and data mining procedures; as well as a variety of predictive modeling, clustering, classification, and exploratory techniques. Hence, I have compiled some great resources about Statistica for your reference:

  1. StatSoft – official Statistica creator site; more about the product, download and support.
  2. Statistica in Wikipedia – provides history, overview and references of Statistica software package.
  3. Statistica Video Tutorials – compilation of videos on how to getting started with Statistica; including links to Youtube Statistica channel.
  4. UCLA Notes & Movies – provides hands-on experience using Statistica for doing statistics, graphics and data management. Recommended for starters/students.
  5. Statistica Group – have a question? then join discussion group in Yahoo!Group.
  6. Statistica Review – not sure to use Statistica, then read personal review of open source and commercial software packages for Data Mining; including Orange, R, RapidMiner, Statistica and WEKA.
  7. Statistica in Amazon – shortcut to books related to Statistica in
  8. Statsoft Statistica Books – additional statistical resources beyond the STATISTICA manual that accompanies the software?
  9. Statistica Forum – ask a question or share your thoughts about Statistica.
  10. Statistica Facebook – are you Statistica fan? then join their Facebook!