Top 10 Data Mining Video Sites

Here is my compilation of Top 10 Data Mining Video sites that can show you how to perform data mining tasks (classification, clustering, association rule and sequential pattern discovery) using popular data mining software/tools:

  1. Video lectures on Data Mining – popular video lecture on recent data mining technologies by data mining people.
  2. Youtube on Data Mining – compilation of data mining tutorials from Youtube.
  3. Data Mining with Statistica – video series covers hands on tutorials of data mining applications using STATISTICA (StatSoft).
  4. SAS on Youtube – introduction videos about data mining using SAS.
  5. Microsoft Data Mining – data mining videos using SQL Server 2008.
  6. Weka Video Tutorials (sentimentmining) – an online data mining video tutorials using WEKA for beginners, including how to perform text mining, clustering, neural network and sentiment mining.
  7. Neural Market Trends – learn how to build predictive trend model using neural nets and genetic algorithms, and build analytic trend systems in Excel.
  8. Vancouver Data – series of videos on using RapidMiner 5; a free and open source program and is great for data mining, statistics, text mining, and web mining.
  9. Dataminingtools Videos – video series of some data mining tools such as Matlab, R, RapidMiner, Weka etc.
  10. All Video Tutorials – some collection of data mining tutorials using RapidMiner, SSAS and Statistica.