Renovation Tools To Improve Living In Interiors Qatar


Technology is advancing at a very fast pace nowadays. To get a high quality living in interiors Qatar and to be one of the best interior designer, you have to stay updated and be aware of all the modern trends in interior designing. The concept of virtual reality is creating waves in the field of interior designs. Online platforms are a great help to people who wish to contact designers and discuss with them. There are so many online tools which help clients get in touch with builders and designers. Have a look at some on


There are so many variants of flooring available now that it becomes confusing for one to decide all of a sudden. For this you can always Quick step to choose your flooring. You just have to choose your flooring and apply it over a room. The App helps to insert your choice into your selected room.

Mark On Call App

Mark on Call App is designed for Apple iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. This is an extremely useful tool for space planning and designing .You can easily take pictures of your belongings and insert them onto your floor plan.

Home Styler

Home styler is the perfect App which helps you to create floor plans and visualise your home in 3 D. You can take a walking tour of the 3d plan and virtually see all your rooms beforehand. This helps you to manage your space allotment accurately. There is no installation fee also required. You will get an idea of how your rooms will look like when you place your furniture and the rest of your belongings in it.

Dulux’s Colour App

Dulux’s Colour App ┬áis one of the best Apps to help you choose just the right colour for your home. You can visualise your rooms using this app .Select the colour u need, upload your home pictures and you will have your living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and all the other spaces in your desired colour. This helps you to see if the walls go along with the other furniture in the room.

Resene ColourMatch

This app helps you to match your colour spectrum to a Resene colour anytime anywhere. Be it outdoors also, just click a picture you like and check if you can get the matching colours to use in your dream home.

Planner 5D

Planner 5D is an efficient innovation which helps you to create home plans with minute details like a professional. You can use a hundred of ideas in the catalogue and design your home cokpletely. You can easily obtain a photorealistic 3D picture of your plan. Planner 5d helps you to explore the trendiest designs available and create your home into a masterpiece.

Roomstyler 3D Home Planner

This is an excellent tool if you want to upload your floor plan and design it yourself. This platform is really simple to use and is extremely user friendly. It allows you to see the nook and corners of your rooms in 3d. You can also paint your walls by choosing from their colour gallery.

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