Data Miner Survey Report for 2009

According to the 2009 Rexer Analytics Data Miner Surveys, in which 710 data miners from 58 countries participated, for the past 3 years data miners concluded that most commonly used algorithms are regression, decision trees, and cluster analysis. The report also mentioned that almost half of industry data miners rate the analytic capabilities of their company as above average or excellent. But 19% feel their company has minimal or no analytic capabilities.

Among other key points of the survey are:

IBM SPSS Modeler (SPSS Clementine), Statistica, and IBM SPSS Statistics (SPSS Statistics) are identified as the “primary tools” used by the most data miners.
Open-source tools Weka and R made substantial movement up data miner’s tool rankings this year, and are now used by large numbers of both academic and for-profit data miners.
SAS Enterprise Miner dropped in data miner’s tool rankings this year.
Users of IBM SPSS Modeler, Statistica, and Rapid Miner are the most satisfied with their software.
Fields & Industries: CRM / Marketing, Academic, Financial Services, & IT / Telecom. For-profit sector, the departments data miners most frequently work in are Marketing & Sales and Research & Development.

Pick of The Day: Data Mining Videos From YouTube

1. Mining Video Stream

“Smart Video Buddy”, an intelligent video recommender is using cutting-edge computer vision technology, the system mines a video stream for semantic concepts (such as sports). Based on this information, news, products, etc. are recommended that automatically adapt to what you are watching. Smart Video Buddy has been developed at the Multimedia Analysis and Data Mining (MADM) Research group at DFKI in Kaiserslautern, Germany.

2. Data Mining in The Retail Industry

It is a tutorial of Data Mining in the Retail Industry and includes a trip to Harris Teeter to prove the importance of Market Basket Analysis in the real world.

3. Interactive Visualization Tool using Grapheur

Grapheur, the data mining and interactive visualization tool is an application for the interactive display of complex datasets with an intuitive user interface.

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