Some Common Mistakes During the Implementation of SalesForce

Implementation of SalesForce

There is nothing surprising to see the modern businesses implementing SalesForce in their workplace. It is one of the great systems for CRM applications. However, it is necessary to remember that implementation of SalesForce is not as easy as what most of us think. Many mistakes and errors bound to happen when implementing SalesForce. Knowing the mistakes committed by other customers help you minimize the errors in your implementation, thereby minimizing the delays in ROI. In this brief article, we will look into some of the top mistakes happen when implementing SalesForce.

Know The Requirements

Before implementing SalesForce, or even any other system, a company should know its requirements and related solution. As you know already, SalesForce is highly robust software that comes with lots of features and you can get to know all of these by taking up Salesforce training from popular training centers in the region. Knowing what you need from SalesForce helps you customize the system according to your requirements. SalesForce will be used by the managers, marketing agent, customer support executives and others. It is necessary for the every user to know how to use the SalesForce platform. Doing a detailed analysis helps to tune the SalesForce system according to the demands of business.

Poor system requirement analysis is one of the major reasons for the failure in most IT projects. Determining the requirements help you find out what are the operations needed to be performed by the SalesForce system. Determining the requirements is not a single time process. It should be done before the implementation and as well post implementation. Documenting the requirements helps the business to find out the customization to be amended on the platform.

Implementation of SalesForce mistakes

Selecting the wrong implementation partner can cost a company dearly. There are thousands of apps in SalesForce AppExchange. It is quite difficult and confusing in finding the right one. There are three types of implementation partners, viz. Small, Mid-market and Global. A small partner works with a single SalesForce product and they do not have the ability to deal with complex integration. For example, staffing agencies, freelancers, and small firms are the ideal examples of small partners.

Mid-market partners are the ones, who extend their service to mid-market to enterprise level organization at an affordable price. Mid-market partners have the ability to deal with multiple SalesForce products. Global partners involve in the development of SalesForce platform. Global partners work with global companies and MNCs. By utilizing the service of a skilled SalesForce consultant, you can have a SalesForce developed that precisely meets you business goals. The expert consultant is able to achieve this by carefully listening to your needs and understanding your business process.

Mistakes Committed While Implementing Salesforce

Lack of post-implementation plan is one of the major errors committed by the companies with respect to SalesForce implementation. Even after successfully implementing the SalesForce, the administrator or project leader to monitor the following to ensure things are going fine.

Identification of new processes and its implementation and enhancement
Check whether the users are using the functionalities properly
Users provided with required training, assistance, and support
Availability of the technical resources
Identification of new requirements and features for future release
Roadmap of SalesForce in place
Mechanism for feedback from the users and for further enhancement

SalesForce mobility optionsSalesForce comes with lots of mobility options. Lack of understanding on mobility option is a major mistake committed by the companies. There are lots of Apps available, which all comes with plenty of drag-and-drop components that let you design the app in the way you want. It is important for the users to undergo training before working with SalesForce platform. Training helps the users to make use of the SalesForce platform in less time. Nowadays, employers recommend their employees to undergo SalesForce training.

DIY learning of SalesForce can take a long time. This process results in lots of errors and inefficient performance during the initial stage. Errors can cost the business severely. Errors could result in loss of opportunities, poor customer satisfaction, etc. Training gives a confidence and the knowledge to approach the SalesForce in the right direction. Jebbaraj from Cloud Solutions insists on the advantage as it offers the trainee a chance to pick from a range of SalesForce certification courses.

Says Jebbaraj, “For best SalesForce training, you may visit the website. An institute offers many SalesForce certification courses. You can find the list of courses offered from the institute’s website. For individuals, undergoing SalesForce training can be a highly beneficial for their professional career. Employers prefer the candidates with certification, thereby enhancing the job opportunities for the job aspirants.”
Instead of selecting a training institute randomly, one should do some homework to find the best one.

Talk you colleagues and friends, who all have attended training centers. They can share their experiences with the training institutes so that you get some idea in finding the suitable one for you. Investing in SalesForce training is highly worthy for the both companies and employees. With efficient training, businesses could make use of the SalesForce to the maximum to yield exceptional results. It takes very a few minutes to find the training centers in your area through the Internet.

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